Say It

I am a writer and editor committed to expressing things clearly (and memorably) and helping you to do the same. I have written and edited web copy, op-eds, letters to the editor, e-blasts, social media updates for local and national nonprofit organizations, and written, compiled and edited research reports, essays, newsletters, cookbooks, yoga guides, how-to guides, obituaries, calendars, oral histories and more.

My goal as an editor is to help you to express and clarify what you already have going for you–good stories, unique perspectives, and worthy messages. I offer line editing, copyediting, and developmental editing (my favorite!). I encourage an attitude of curiosity and improvisation, inviting you to see “mistakes” as the foundation for new discoveries. I also believe in clear, concise communication. No sense in filling up the page with unnecessary words. I’ll help you find crisp language in your own voice to say what you need to say.

I don’t think of writing as something mysterious or some God-given talent. Yes, some are better with words than others, but essentially I believe we all have the ability to describe what we think, feel, and experience, and to communicate what we need to communicate.

I can assist you with the writing and editing of books, essays, short stories, scholarly articles, technical works, strategic plans, organizational and/or specific campaign messaging, manuals, social media posts, web site copy, and promotional materials, as well as with the development and polishing of nonfiction and fiction manuscripts. Drawing upon my other artistic practices, I  also offer coaching in the creative process, helping you to map out projects, experiment and improvise, stay on track, and complete your goals.


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