About me

mug2.cropI have been a teaching artist of creative writing for 15 years, helping learners of all ages to craft stories about their personal and invented experiences. For many years, I mentored high school aged youth in personal essay writing and oral history towards the publication of a city-wide youth magazine in Tucson. I’m practiced in helping both novice and experienced writers communicate clearly and memorably while maintaining their authentic voice.

My essays and articles have focused on globalization, U.S-Mexico border issues, the environment, health and the arts. I am now primarily a fiction writer, finishing a novel exploring a post-apocalyptic U.S. landscape and the various strategies of adaptation and survival (including love) amidst severe economic and environmental change. I believe a deeper understanding about people and places can come from telling and listening to stories, and my work often provides spaces and opportunities for gathering and sharing them. One of my favorite things to do is to write in community with others. Someday I’ll invent the participatory novel! For a fuller (though now perhaps outdated) explanation on why I write, see my essay “Why I Write,” on the Kore Press blog, Persephone Speaks (Oct. 15, 2008).

I am also a dancer/choreographer and visual artist. My work explores themes related to landscape, environment, and animals. I am interested in how individual and community stories and geographies can be shared, simulated, or re-interpreted.

You can learn more about my projects at http://www.KimiEisele.com and http://www.KimiEiseleArtwork.com

I am represented by Hill Nadell Literary agency.


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