Services & Rates


Initial Assessment: I offer an initial assessment free of charge. I read through a sample of pages from your manuscript or materials to identify what I think your basic needs are. We then have a phone conversation to discuss how to move forward and how I think I can best help you.

Developmental Editing: Developmental editing is my favorite kind of editing! It involves working closely with you to develop your materials or manuscript and to review and refine  content, style, and form. My aim in developmental editing is to to help you find your way into and through the writing and to assist you in clarifying your message, strengthening your voice, and completing your project.

Line Editing: Line editing entails my reviewing your material for continuity and clarity as well as for grammar and spelling. It is most appropriate when your materials are already crafted and do not need extensive structural changes.

Copyediting: For copyediting work, I review your materials/manuscript for correct grammar and spelling and any final fine-tuning of language. This stage of editing is appropriate for materials that have been considerably revised already and are now being finalized for publication or for submission to agents and others.

Writing coaching: I love working with writers to define and develop their craft, no matter their level of experience. I work with you to design a coaching plan tailored to where you are in your process. This might involve a series of writing exercises designed to loosen up any existing blocks and access material within. I can also help you create a project timeline, reach significant milestones, and think about the best trajectory for your project. Regular meetings or check-ins with me will help you stay on track and develop the discipline all writers need to keep going.

Grant writing: I’ve funded both solo and organizational projects through artist grants for the past decade. I’ve received grants from the Tucson Pima Arts Council, the Arizona Commission on the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts. I’ve also been a successful applicant to four artist residencies. I’ve found that successful grants combine clarity and passion to effectively communicate to funders exactly what you want and why. Let me help you to do this for your projects!



$60/hour for Developmental Editing, Writing Coaching, & Grant writing

$40/hour for Line editing & Copyediting

I offer special non-profit and artist rates. Contact me and we can discuss.