Words from the Satisfied

cropped-invisiblecity200.jpgKimi’s approach to editing is akin to a conductor leading a symphony orchestra: she makes sure you hit the technical notes where you need to; her knowledge of grammar, style and syntax are solid and she would make sure that the craftsmanship of writing is executed properly. But then she also adds the intuition, savvy, curiosity and talent of her skills as storyteller. The end product is more art than science.

-Maribel Alvarez, Folklorist & Executive Director of Southwest Folklife Alliance


Quite simply, Kimi made my writing readable! She was excellent at seeing the direction and intention of the material and really helped to organize and keep the tone and manner of the manuscript stylistically consistent. Her suggestions were always on the mark. Her availability and quiet confidence had me feeling supported and gave me the confidence to see the whole project through. In every way, Kimi improved and enhanced the material for my book.

-Bruce Bowditch, author, Yoga Guide II


I highly recommend Kimi Eisele for her writing, editing, and organizing skills. If it were not for her, Desert Harvesters’ cookbook Eat Mesquite would never have seen the light of day. She herded myriad volunteer cats for their scattered submissions, then edited and compiled them along with her writings that tied all together for an enticing, informative read. She’s done the same for me with a number of my articles and sections of my books Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond. But best of all is the way she does so, uplifting and empowering all with her positive, can-do attitude and demeanor.

-Brad Lancaster, author, Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond


Kimi has supported me with edits to my monthly blog posts. As a yoga teacher and counselor my aim is to inspire my clients to think in new ways about their lives and bodies with compassion and encouragement. I love Kimi’s questions and her grace in helping me trim excess so that my message comes through. I have found myself unexpectedly challenged to grow through the editing process, which has deepened my understanding of self and expression. The bonus is I am  gaining skills not only as a writer, but also as a person.

-Michelle Marks, Therapist/Yogi, Temple Love Yoga


Kimi gently coaxed the deeper story out of me and then sculpted it with her mastery of language and elegance of style, all while retaining my original voice. More than a talented editor, Kimi is an artist, devoid of ego, committed to the aesthetics of every endeavor.

-Sharon O’Brien, Director, Stories that Soar Theatre Company


Kimi helped me edit and polish the final draft of a research report. She is a great listener and knew all the right questions to ask. Her editing suggestions were relevant and improved the clarity of the report. Her turn around was quick, and her price was fair.

-Paula Arnquist, non-profit research consultant